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About Autocon Technologies

Core business:

Solution provider for industrial Automation and Controls.
Process Control Development / Process Control re-engineering.
Product Development / Product re-engineering.
Consultancy Services.
Trading in Instrumentation products, accessories and consumables.

Company’s Vision: An empowered solution for an everlasting customer delight.
Company’s Mission: To provide cost effective and sustainable automation solutions.
Representation: We represent the following companies as their Channel Partner:



Why Siemens?

A technology oriented company, with which one can build not only a standalone solution, but can also integrate an automated solution into the customer’s network by providing a wide range of IT interfaces for varied networked solutions. The company Siemens proactive approach can be seen as being a dependable parent company to incorporate future technologies. It is noteworthy to mention that Siemens products, range from a simple but reliable electrical connection to advanced automation technologies to wired and wireless communication products covering popular field bus technologies, user friendly software and web enabled services. This becomes a one stop solution for all automation needs.

Expectations from Siemens:

Having recognised Siemens to be a one stop solution for almost all automation requirements, we only expect timely deliveries and some technical solutions as and when requested. We expect some “hand holding” in the initial stages to gain a foot hold in the market. This initial period could be around 6 months. This “hand holding” could be in the form of giving some initial sales lead.

Our Commitment:

We believe ourselves to be committed in whatever we do. With our past experiences in industrial automation, we would deliver the optimal solution to the end customer. Wherever possible we will do as much value addition as possible with our knowledge and sourcing contacts in instrumentation products and ability to build special purpose machines.

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